HORIZON Briefing


We constantly challenge ourselves to expand our horizon by redefining our perspective.

Curiosity and courage to see and reach beyond the limit.

Driven by these values, we experimented with multiple standpoints in order to achieve what we would dub as our best offering to date.

This collection is also hugely inspired by Niki Lauda, a motorsport legend, who has passed away last year while this collection is still in development. His perseverance, attitude and dedication are the qualities that we set example upon.

Especially during times like these, when the world is suffering from the pandemic.

Lives, plans and dreams are crushed. What matters is our reaction. Niki Lauda didn't stop after the accident that almost took his life away.

He suffered from it but still manages to pull himself together and went on to be a three-time world champion. And became an inspiration to many until this day.

From failure and setbacks, conclusion can be drawn.


"The horizon of many people is a circle with a radius of zero. They call this their point of view."

-Albert Einstein

Written by Devá States