Life has changed dramatically for many of us, with our usual daily routines are being altered because of the quarantine and isolation. All of these changes impact our natural circadian rhythm, an essential internal “body clock” that plays a key role in regulating our life’s cycle. With our normality being disrupted, our emotional wellness and mental health definitely have been taking huge ramifications. We spent many nights awake and confused, and most of the times we reminisce about better things in the past to rejoice.

During the isolation, we took some steps back in time to revisit all of the things that we loved, the reason why we do the things that we are doing today.

To re-experience all the musics we listened to and movies we watched growing up, looking at their graphic artworks, digging through old merchs at our homes.They brought back the joy into our days, uplifted our spirits, and inspired our designs. This collection is our homage to the good old days when we were younger, clueless and always thirsty and courageous to explore. Eventually we found out that much like the present, we are all still clueless. We present to you our latest offerings as a reminder and encouragement for all of you to face all these uncertainties in the world with the spirit of our youth.

Written by Devá States