R.A.M Briefing

Time is ancient.

It was here way before mankind was smart enough to try to define it. Time is not changing, it is fixed. It is up to us whether we want to fill it with resourcefulness to make memories or let it spent uselessly by trying to fight it.

In this age of technology, mankind are supplied with an abundance of information, resources and access to swift communication. It prompted the acceleration in almost all aspect of our lives, turning our times to be the age of rage. We feel like that there’s never enough time. We are confined inside this man-made prison of time. We burned out. We are time sick, longing for a different time.

Memories are made up over time to influence our future action and decisions. Only by using time in the right speed we can acquire, retain and retrieve resourceful memories. To cope with a world that keeps moving faster than ever, we need to break out from the grind.

We need to make memories to function. We need to lose some time.

This collection was inspired by all the time that we, at Devá States, have lost.

We have lost it trying to find ourselves, our purposes and the meaning of our existence.

Live your life in the right speed to be at the right time.

Written by Devá States